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I just learned about this tool to answer questions people are asking called Answer The Public.

Type in a word or a phrase and it comes back with lots of data on what people are asking Google about the topic.

One way to use this is for course creation. So let’s say I’m planning on creating a course on using Trello for Task Management (which I am)

I would use this tool if I want to know:
– IS anyone is asking questions about this topic?
– WHAT questions are they asking?

Answer the Public brings up this neat graphic showing all the questions people are asking Google about this topic:

Now I know that people are asking Google and what they are asking.  

I can focus on training on some of these topics.

Also if I want to create a blog post with a comparison of Trello compared to other programs I can look here to see what questions people are asking related to comparisons.

You can also use this for SEO which I will go into in a future post.

I learned about this from a Free 10 day Course on How to Create an Online Course by Sarah Cordiner. She is active in the Thinkific Community (a course creation tool) and always replies with great answers to tough questions. In a lovely way too.

She also has a 30 day bootcamp (which is a paid program that starts up again soon) In this one, she takes you through building your course Live in a group. I haven’t done it, but I hear stories about how it’s helped others go from idea to launched course in a month.

My suggestion is to start with the free program and see how far you can take it. Her ideas are really clear and actionable which I like! (and she has an amazing accent)

OK Back to Answer The Question: How do you think you can use this tool in your business?